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Sex Acts that can be Life-Threatening

Sex is an activity that many people love doing, and it’s quite obvious why they love doing it! However, like any other activity, it also has its share of risks. For example, if you’re not careful, you can catch gonorrhea or herpes, Chlamydia or syphilis, and be in a great deal of pain every time you pee. There are sex acts that can kill or maim a person too, of which here’s a list of a few of the most dangerous sex moves.

Perth Asian EscortDouble Penetration
Here’s one sex act that you should never try out, either with your hook-up partners, or with your favourite Perth Asian Escort – double penetration! While girls who do anal are a tough and adventurous bunch of people, simultaneous anal and vaginal intercourse can be a very risky thing.

According to a couple of sex and health experts, if the guys don’t wear condoms, the woman risks getting severe vaginal infection. But if you folks just can’t stop doing it, the woman must ensure that her partner changes condoms before switching holes.

Choking is another sex act that’s a staple in most BDSM circles. It’s an intense fetish that’s becoming increasingly popular, because when you cut the brain from oxygen, the sexual sensations get heightened, making orgasms more intense.

However, choking during sex loses its sexiness, especially when some persons overdo it, and it leads to an accidental death. This should make getting Chlamydia or herpes look so tame.

Sex Standing Up
Sex while standing up is one of the most unique positions ever. However, it also has its share of risks. For example, men hold all their weight while they’re bending backward, and flexing their knees while bouncing the woman up and down. If the guy struggles at any moment while holding the woman up, he might lose his balance, and drop the hapless lady! Or he could hurt his back too, as well as his boner!

Gag Sex
Another strange and risky, yet popular sex move is gag sex, or gagging. Gagging is defined as “a sex act in which the gratification of a male is heightened by coercively causing a female to gag or choke on his penis”. And the woman’s gagging is usually the focus of the man’s arousal.

Gagging is also referred to as “irrumatio”, “deep throat”, “throat fucking”, “face fucking” and “skull fucking”. If you don’t want to be labeled a sadist or masochist, please don’t do this to your girlfriend, or the lovely Perth Asian Escorts, unless they’re the ones who are asking you to do it!


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