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Sex is just as varied as the people doing it; it can be passionate yet tender, wild and rough, and everything else in between. With the ladies featured in the pages of Perth Independent Escorts, you’re sure to experience this for yourself, to the utmost in satisfaction.

Soft music played in the background, the lights dim yet still reflecting off luscious dark hair. Perfect breasts shuddered under a clingy long-sleeved top, sinuous curves pressing up against my body. She moaned as my hands cupped her butt, hidden for now by dark denim pants that clung to her figure.

Perth Asian EscortShe was no slouch at kissing, that much was obvious. I felt my way up her body, pausing to caress her breasts through the fabric, tugging her top off of her at the last. Damn, she looked good both with and without the top.

This dark-haired beauty suddenly pushed me onto the mattress, firm but gentle at the same time, flashing a coy smile my way; I couldn’t help but grin back, expectant. She began to grind, our groins touching, my boner growing harder at the teasing contact. The heat coming off our bodies didn’t help matters.

In a few minutes, her bra was off, and I nearly gasped in delight when her bare breasts brushed against my chest, she pressing her curves up against my own naked skin. She slipped a hand down to my waist, undoing my belt with such ease that I wondered, briefly, how many times she’d done this, how often she’d practised. But none of that mattered, really; all that did was the here and now.

She was down to her panties when I turned her around, one hand fondling a breast. Somehow she knew, guiding me into her, not bothering with her underwear and simply shoving it to one side. She was wet – not dripping yet, but enough for me to slide into her with little trouble.

This was going to be a long, but pleasurable and unforgettable night.

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