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A Satisfying Vacation With A Perth Asian Escort

As a businessman, it’s a normal routine for me to go to trips. One of my favourite destinations is the city of Perth in Australia. For those who don’t know, the escorting industry is a much accepted business in the said country. Here’s why my vacation in Perth is always worth it.

Whenever I have a business trip in Perth, I would always arrange for a top class, Perth Independent Escorts to accompany me. As always, I’ve made arrangements in an expensive hotel, and expected a lustful night. At the scheduled time, she finally arrived and opened the room.

She smiled to find a nice sized bed, and a two glasses of wine on the table. She dims the light and slowly unbuttons her coat. She has that gorgeous Asian look, the curves of her body showing through her sexy, lace lingerie. My excitement was building up and my cock was now ready.

Perth Asian EscortShe walked towards the bed, and takes the doggie position. Her ass and pussy waiting for my move. “Spank me,” she said. Surprised, I took a step closer, caressed her ass, and gave it a nice smack. I touched her pussy, began to massage her clitoris, and she let out a moan.

I turned her around so she’s lying on the bed. I undressed and positioned myself between her thighs. I slowly placed the head of my already-hard cock in the her moist pussy. I slid it deeper and we both groaned at the same time, as I grabbed her hips to enter her fully.

I increased my thrusts and slammed my cock deep into her warm cunt. Her moans echoed throughout the room. I went closer to her body to suck her large tits, my tongue playing with her nipples. She was getting more excited by the minute. I stopped my thrust then and continued to taste her.

I traced my mouth from her breasts all the way down to her dripping pussy. She enjoyed as I worked with her clit and asshole. I could feel my cock wanting to enter her again. I entered her again and pumped my hardness inside her. We both climaxed and it was amazing.

We rested for a bit and went on for another round, with her taking charge. It was one unforgettable night, as well as the following nights. If you want a worth-it vacation, you have to do it with a Perth Asian Escort. These independent girls can make your dreams come true!

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