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A Look At The Secret, Sleazy Lives Of The World’s Famous Geniuses

If you think it’s only professional basketball players, movie stars and politicians that are rocked with sex scandals and sleazy affairs, perhaps you’ll be surprised to know that even history’s most gifted minds had a lot of skeletons hidden in their closets. From Albert Einstein to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, history’s most famous personalities also had a dark, erotic side. Here’s a sampling of the secret, sleazy lives of the world’s most famous geniuses.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
If you and your spouse, or even your preferred Perth Asian Escort, love listening to classical music, especially after sweating it out in bed, then perhaps you’ve also listened to the dramatic music created by legends like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Mozart was believed to have started writing symphonies when he was just five years old. But when he grew up, and he wasn’t writing any of his 600 classic masterpieces, he was secretly writing letters to his female cousin, and these letters were really of the twisted, erotic stuff.

For example, he wrote snippets to his lady cousin, which mentioned phrases like “shit on your nose”, “drip down your chin”, “lick my ass nicely”, “like the licking or roasted meat” and other sordid stuff that you’d never expected to come out of the minds of a musical genius!

Albert Einstein
Who doesn’t know Albert Einstein? Einstein is the most famous scientist in human history, because he created the Theory of Relativity, the brains behind the invention of the atomic bomb, and he was also considered the father of modern physics.

But if he wasn’t busy in the laboratory, or doing lectures, he was probing the inner most orifices of the female anatomy, just as if he were splitting atoms! According to historians, even if he has married twice (of which he married one of his cousins) he cheated on both of them, and had affairs with 10 other hot women.

In fact, Einstein even told his first wife that she should “expect neither intimacy nor fidelity”. There were even rumours that he was caught having sex with his wife’s younger sister when they were a bit younger. I never thought creating an atom bomb could ever make a guy so horny!

James Joyce
Regarded as one of the most important writers in the modern era, James Joyce was a skilled novelist, of which his novel “Ulysses” was hailed as the “epitome of Modernist literature”.

But when he was away from his wife, they’d send each other racy, sexually-suggestive letters, which were sent by telegraph. Examples of his letter included phrases like “I wish you would smack me or flog me even”, and “I would love to be whipped by you Nora love”. The second phrase is perhaps the best evidence that James Joyce was an advocate of S&M.

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