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5 Tips For Foreplay Pleasure

Women need more time to climax compared to men, and that’s a fact. They also take a bit longer to get well and truly wet for sex. The ladies showcased on the pages of Asian Escorts Perth are definitely good in the sack, that doesn’t mean the rules don’t apply to them.

Perth Asian EscortThe sure-fire way to prepare her for sex is, of course, foreplay. Here are a few tips to remember for a truly steam session.

1. Don’t be mechanical. If you use the same foreplay moves with all the women you take to bed, it’s bound to get boring very fast. Besides, if you’re too mechanical, she might feel like she’s making love to a robot.


2. Do explore. Since no two girls are the same, that’s all the more reason to explore. Don’t focus on just her boobs, no matter how perfect they look or how firm they feel. It’s not just her cunt, either. Get your mouth and tongue in on the action; for her, there’s nothing hotter than a guy who really gets into helping her get it off.

3. Don’t treat her nipples like dials. They may look like little doorknobs, but don’t give them a hard twist. She could be getting all fired up, but pulling this move might put a damper on her mood. Also, don’t bite them, unless she asks you to.

4. Do use feather-light touches. A touch that’s barely there is more of a turn-on, and works especially well at the beginning since it helps to build anticipation. As for her nipples, try trailing a finger around her breasts. Then go in smaller and smaller circles until you reach her nipple, and gently rub it back and forth.

5. Do keep her guessing. This ties back in to exploring. If she really enjoys it when you stroke, lick, suck or kiss one area, don’t focus too much on it, or the sensation loses its appeal.

Instead, gradually ease off your stimulation when it sounds like she’s really getting turned on, then move on to another part of her body. She’ll want it more that way.

Check out the gallery at Perth Asian Escort for your perfect pleasure professional, and use these tips to show her a good time. She’ll be glad to return the favour, and you’re sure to have a truly explosive sack session.

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