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4 Ways to Have Some Exciting Bathroom Sex

Bathrooms are meant for people who want to get clean, but to some, it’s another place to have some steamy sex escapade. Perth Asian Escort suggests that bathrooms are something couples can turn into a place where they want to get down and dirty. Having sex in such place is in fact exciting, and there are several elements you can keep in mind to make things a bit, well, kinky.

4 Ways to Have Some Exciting Bathroom SexAsk Your Girlfriend to Wear Lingerie
Don’t just let yourself and your lady go completely nude. Instead, ask her to wear some sexy, naughty lingerie before heading to the shower. It’s a fact that the water will make the clothes stick to her body, accentuating her sexy curves. This will definitely drive you crazy, as you see her body drenched in water.

Scent It for Mood
Of course, everybody would want to fuck especially when the place smells really good; hence ensure that your bathroom smells sensual before you take things seriously. You can try putting some fresh petals on the floor or even light aroma candles. Both of you will indeed have the time of your life.

The Setting
Now, make sure that there’s something that is soft, sensual music playing the background. Look for some romantic jazz music and have it played all throughout the session. In addition to that, keep those bathrobes and try to have some bottle of wine – the latter would definitely come in handy.

Yes, the Bubble Bath
There’s always an alternative to showering together, and that is to take a bubble bath. The rich lather, bubbles and foam will certainly tingle in your body. And since the both of you are underwater, sex will be much more lubricated and have a bit more of buoyancy. Now that’s something you wouldn’t want to miss, right?

Use Mirrors
Don’t you know that you can use bathroom mirrors to spice up the sex? Yes, so if you have a full-length mirror on the door, use it. You can choose to write sexy messages on using, say, shaving foam. Above all, the two of you can watch each other as you drive yourselves in ecstasy.

Having sex in different locations can result to better sex, keeping it from getting boring. Anyway, if you’re looking for more adventures, Perth Asian Escort can help you out.


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