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3 Things You Don’t Know About G-Spot

Our minds have been programmed in a way that we become closed minded about odd or unusual things. That’s why in some cultures, people just stick to the traditional concepts or perceptions about something. Well, SEX has no escape with this!

Anyway, as modern generation continuously progress, more and more people are now opening their minds about SEX! With this, various missions aiming to discover the numerous things behind it are now becoming more visible. This includes a hunt to unveil the mysterious “G-spot. “

Perth Asian EscortHere are 3 Things You Should Know about G-Spot!


1. The “G” stands for Gräfenberg

Surprised? Perhaps, you don’t have any idea what “G” stands for and why it was named as Gräfenberg. Let me clear it for you.

It was Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg, the one who wrote about the said thing. According to him, it’s located on the vaginal wall and is few inches from the vaginal opening. He was the first individual who claimed that G-Spot, when stimulated, can give immense pleasure to a woman, and take note, the discovery was in 1950s!


2. G-Spot is the ticket to ultimate orgasm

Without this zone… definition of the ultimate orgasm will just remain as orgasm. That’s it! But since it was brought up as more men (even women) today are getting interested about it, G-spot becomes the target of numerous “couples’ to hunt for that famous orgasm.”

To make you even more enlightened, without this zone of bliss, would sex still become a pleasurable couple activity? Does the level of excitement feel the same if the G-spot hasn’t been discovered? Of course, it would be totally different. Totally different!

So, don’t forget hitting this area during your sex plays. Forgetting this is tantamount to forgetting ORGASMS!

3. There are 3 top ways to do once you’ve found the g spot

Pressure – This is when you add clitoral stimulation. This also increases the intensity of any self-pleasuring experience. Thus, you can actually start arousing your babe with a clitoral licking ritual then slowly insert a finger into the vagina and press up for the “Pressure Pleasure!” Remember; insert your finger when she’s only squirming with desire.

Come Here – The most recommended action by most sex experts. This is the most popular since “come here motion” can lead to a different level of orgasm. Plus, it’s also more fun compared to just plain pressure. Wait! Make sure your fingernails are at their best!

Tapping – Heard of it? It’s not a guitar technique, which Eddie Van Halen popularised but a motion when a finger is pressing against the centre of the G-spot. Take note, no back and forth or side to side. It’s just tap, just tap! Also, you can crank up the excitement by trying numerous variations.

What else?

Actually, there’s more! There are still countless of things that you need to know about the world of G-spot. If you really want to learn the whole nature of it, only ask experts like sex goddesses themselves. Of course, it’s more reliable if you source it from them! Just like this one, I got this from a friend who is a Perth Asian Escort.

Now, go find any sex expert! Ask for some stories and advices! That would be fun. Trust me!

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